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J Naturalz

Virtual 15 min Consultation

15 min. Initial phone consult

Includes Diet protocol 

I will advise all clients to consume less or completely avoid animal products

I'm plant based advocate and research has shown that a whole food plant based diet is the best way to avoid diseases. 

Animal products cause disease especially in our current climate.  Our ancestors ate cleaner foods than we have available.  I will guide you to elimination dairy, all animal meats, sweets, refined grains, processed foods, and fast foods. 

Please read the ingredients on all your foods. If you don't recognize an ingredient,  don't eat it and research what it is. With all the resources available,  there is no need for you to not know exactly what goes into your body. 

Healthy immune systems start in the gut.

Skin care starts in the gut. 

Mental health starts in the gut. 

The gut is the center, a microbiome that deserves the best care, if you want the best outcomes. You can starve disease. 


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