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About J Naturalz

I Specialize in natural skincare products and custom diet creation.
Established in 2004, My first venture was helping my daughter with eczema symptoms by utilizing a specialized elimination diet (gut cleanse) and creating/utilizing all natural products when doctors couldn't help.
My natural products help relieve symptoms from many different skin related ailments and conditions.
My journey is my own,
I'm just spreading knowledge.
Stopped eating red meats and pork at a very young age.
haven't consumed any since💕
introduced to native plants and flowers
through a high school project,
fell in love with nature💓
Helped daughters eczema through my elimination diet
and all natural skin care products.
Bloomed into small business.
linked my love of plants to herbal healing.
Realized I come from a long line avid gardeners.
Consumed raw foods for eight months,
best months of my life, mental and physical health
Started gaining more knowledge on Dr. Sebi's teachings.
obtained Bachelor's of Science
focusing on Nutrition/Dietetics and medical nutrition therapy
Learned about gut biome and endocrine disruptors.
Relieved symptoms of my lung condition with diet modification.
Tried keto 6 months, with success
Learned and practiced intermittent fasting.
incorporated yoga practices more regularly,
introduced to deep breathing and cold showers.
Linked menstrual disorders to certain foods and skincare products 
Just a few highlights of my journey. And it continues. Cant wait to see what's in store for full bloom. 💕🌺🌱👑
My purpose is to share knowledge from my journey to help you along yours.