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J Naturalz

Herbal Tea Bath

We love these Herbal Baths 3x per week

3 bath satchels provided in white cloth tea bag
They are packed with herbal blends, high-quality, organic herbs, flowers and mineral salts!

Each sachel is created with a specific combination of botanicals designed to:
>reduce stress and anxiety
>ease muscle pain, soreness and joint stiffness
>tighten and tone skin, detoxify skin by removing impurities
>reduced inflammation and irritation

>Extra cleansing

>Sleep assistance 

Herbal Options:

Note your cleansing needs Custom formulation will be provided. Ex: Congestion: Chamomile, Clove, Mint, Eucalyptus 

Bath Time:
*Fill bath tub with warm water.
*Tie one bag above water

for stronger infusion put in large glass jar and steep for 15min- overnight. Then pour into bath water

*Drop bag in bath allow to steep for 2-5 mins.
*Get in, relax, and de-stress.

+Squeeze bag to release all of the natural oils, nutrients, and receive the full benefits of the salts & botanicals.

Salts dissolve in your bath water while the herbs & flowers remain inside the bag for easy clean-up.

Hang to dry Can possibly use 2 more times in one week then discard satchel.


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