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Z Sea Moss Gel

J Naturalz

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šŸŒ“Seamoss Gel:
Contains 92 of 102 minerals that the body needs Including Vitamins A, B, C , D, E and K.

Improves skin, hair, joints, thyroid glands

Mucus remover

cleanses the colon and intestines
Promotes mental healthĀ 

boosts mood and energy levels.

Eliminates heavy metals radiation

Metal filling and braces leech heavy metals into the bloodstream causing disharmony (dis-ease).

Aids in thyroid disordersĀ 

Helps reduce inflammation

Purifies & removes toxins from the bloodĀ 
Boosts the immune system

Helps balance hormones.

Regulates menstrual cycle
Helps ease cramps due to menses

Recommended by Dr.Sebi

On health and wellness

Product must be refrigeratedĀ 

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Limited supply

Use on face and skin as mask to shrink pores, reduce inflammation from outbreaks, clear eczema, fade discoloration, retain or regain youthful appearance.