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Oral Care- Herbal Toothpaste

J Naturalz

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Neem Herbal Toothpaste 7 in 1

[100% Fluoride Free] [Halal] [6.5 oz]

Complete Refreshing Dental Care (with Vegetable Base)

100% Fluoride Free with Vegetable Base
Power Of Seven Active Organic Ingredients

* Neem: Healthy Gums
* Black Seed: Whitens Teeth
* Aloe Vera: Anti-bacterial
* Vajradanti (Beleria): Strengthen Gums
* Turmeric: Anti-inflammatory
* Tulsi: Controls Bad Breath
* Ginger: Anti-Oxidant

These medicinal herbal extracts act by reducing tarter & plaque fights gum inflammation or gingivitis by killing bacteria.

Controls bad breath, fights cavities, strengthens enamel, maintains strong & healthy teeth.

Neem Herbal Toothpaste is a perfect oral hygiene toothpaste that gives strong, sparkling & healthy teeth.