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Xtra Custom Loafz

J Naturalz

Regular price $100.00

Custom Loafz

Cut or uncut. Any cut will be 1" bars of 10. Cuts may not be perfect or even. But will be close.

Fragrance can be natural, unscented,  Fruity, Floral, Manly. Natural will be made with essential oils only. Fragrances may irritate sensitive skin,  but are phthalate free. We don't recommend for face or genital areas. 

No guarantee can be made. Color may not match pictured, swirls or layers may or may not be included. We can't say for sure this will be perfect. 

Specialty loafz will not be offered at this time. That would include Eraser, Glow Getter, etc. 

Rainbow loaf would be extra. 

Please understand no refunds or exchanges will be made if it's not exactly like you want it. Handcrafted products can't be exact. We will try to fulfill your requests.  

3 colors can be chosen. 5 will be extra.