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J Naturalz

Eraser Kit

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Detox Set

Cold process Bar or Classic Turmeric Charcoal Soap, Eraser Scrub 8 oz, Rose-Aloe Toner 4 oz,  Botanical oil 2 oz,  Eraser gel 2 oz, 4 oz shea butter

Cold Process Natural Soap Bar for Detox or Classic bar. Substitute may change at anytime. Any detox bar may fill in if pictured isn't available 

Saponified Olive oil,  Coconut oil,  Shea butter,  Cocoa butter,  Castor oil, distilled water

Custom Essential oil blend

featuring Lemon & Sage

Turmeric, Charcoal, Anise, Fennel , Ginger, 

Body/ Face Scrub

Premium Non GMO Coconut Sugar, Raw vegan sugar, avocado oil, botanicals, flowers, charcoal, turmeric , coconut oil, vitamin e, essential oils

Great for acne prone skin, hyperpigmentation , acne scars, brighten skin, pull toxins Exfoliation without stripping the face of natural oil.Deeply cleansing to pores.Soothing for acne.Removes blackheads.Relieves skin impurities.Detoxifying and purifying.Shrinks pores.Tightens the skin.

Can be used on face with gentle massage 

For best results,  use 2-3 x per week

Massage on skin for 3-5+ until dissolved

8 oz glass jar- Regular

Set may differ per customer depending on consult recommendations. 


Saponified Coconut & Olive oil, Essential oils

How to use

Place place soap in hands, wash cloth or sponge to gently lather. Apply to body and rinse.


Please allow 7 days to process

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