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Body Wash- Moringa Rosemary

J Naturalz

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Coconut oil & Olive oil



8 oz

🌿H Rosemary Moringa🌿

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🌿Rosemary Oil acts as a refreshing astringent that balances and tones the skin.
🌿Rosemary Oil helps decongest acne and oily skin types while maintaining balance within the skin. 
🌿Rosemary Oil  has antimicrobial benefits giving oily and acne skin an advantage in preventing future breakouts.
🌿Detoxify: Thanks to its ability to trigger circulation and lymphatic drainage, 
🌿Rosemary oil aids in expelling toxins from the skin.
Whether you're looking to combat dull skin or even fight the appearance of cellulite, 
🌿Rosemary can reignite your radiance and rejuvenate your complexion.
🌿Benefits of Moringa for Skin🌿
Moringa has many nutrients healthy for your skin including:
🌿Vitamin A-builds collagen –
the vital component in your skin
🌿Vitamin C -helps to fight signs of aging.
🌿Vitamin E -that calms skin as anti-inflammatory.
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