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Detox- Black Seed Oil

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Naturalz Black seed oil 🖤🖤🖤

Black seed oil has a long history of use dating back over 2000 years. In fact, it was discovered in the tomb of King Tut

Daily use benefits:

🖤 High in antioxidants

🖤 Several benefits for health

🖤 Asthma

🖤 Various skin conditions

🖤 Lowering blood sugar

🖤 Lowering cholesterol levels

🖤 Aiding in weight loss

🖤 Protecting brain

🖤 Joint swelling

🖤 Stiffness

🌿 Anti-inflammatory
🌿 Antioxidant
🌿 Antihistaminic
🌿 Immune-modulator
🌿 Antimicrobial
🌿 Analgesic effects

Use: Take half a teaspoon of black seed oil with warm water every day,
first thing in the morning or/ and before sleeping

2 oz