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Healing Cream

Healing shea butter is a great remedy to almost any skin condition. All natural ingredients. We use it mostly for bug bites and contact dermatitis.  Use black soap first to completely cleanse the affected area, calming the skin before healing application.
Great for sensitive skin. See my baby with an allergy rash from amoxicillin. This rash covered his whole body. This cream cleared it right up. He had an ear infection and we found out he couldn't use the prescribed antibiotics. So we used aloe, raw inner gel and it worked amazing!!!!
That hand rash is my daughter after eating Takis. Well healing shea cleared it up, fast. After eating an allergen, drink lots of water to try and flush it out of your system. Aloe consumption will help with itching and clearing it out of your system.
Healing shea uses
eczema, acne,
insect bites, hair growth, ringworm,
rheumatic disorders, small wounds,
skin cracks, skin ulcers, dermatitis, aching muscles,
bumps, itchy skin, dandruff,
lice, shingles, blisters, cold sores, poison ivy,
rashes, hives, psoriasis, abrasions, infections, chafing,
athletes foot, cracked feet, bed sores, diaper rash and other
irritating skin conditions