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Black Soap Education

Take a natural approach to keeping your skin clean and healthy with 100% natural and pure, Raw African Black Soap.
Exuding a natural, earthy smell, this soap is ideal for cleaning your hands, face, body, and hair.
For use in the shower.
Create a thick lather using a loofah or cloth, and wash your body.
African Black Soap naturally cleans, moisturizes your skin and hair leaving them soft and silky smooth throughout the day.
It combines Shea Butter's moisturizing properties with the therapeutic properties of plantain extract, coconut oil and palm oil to help alleviate dry skin and other common skin conditions while enhancing beautiful skin.
Ingredients: Coconut Shell Powder (Theobroma Cacao), Plantain Extract (Plantago Major), Coconut Oil (Cocos Nucifera), Shea Butter (Butyrospermum Parkii), and Water (Aqua) .
Raw black soap is great for all skin types.
We like to use on:
Wash your hair with Black Soap for extra clean scalp and hair.
Clean stains from carpet and clothes.
Remove grease grime tint glue from windows.
Use as face mask overnight for blotchy skin and acne.
Place chunks in warm water in bottle to make liquid black soap and organic bug spray.
I just realized I never explained why we use this soap and why my family loves it so much.
So imma try and keep it short.
My daughter had eczema since birth.
Medical interventions didn't help.
After doing some research we found black soap was the best natural product to cleanse itchy, irritated skin.
It also exfoliates and helps calms inflamed skin.
We only moisturized with grapeseed oil and unrefined shea butter.
We started nutrition therapy regime to remove possible allergens.
This process is called an elimination diet,  it can help with eczema along with many other skin conditions.
We treated the symptoms and found the source, the gut biome.
Her issue was food allergens like wheat, dairy, processed foods, and unnatural additives/preservatives.
We also cleaned out perfumes, detergents, shampoo, lotions, skin detox.
If you met her you would never know she had a skin condition.
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